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A LEADER IN MOBILE TRADE SHOW DISPLAYS, Guerrilla Cubes offer an experiential marketing opportunity like no other trade show booth can. Guerrilla Cubes are custom-designed for optimum impact of consumer engagement with your brand.

Mobile, Experiential Marketing, Made Easy

To get the maximum exposure from a marketing event, you need to be able to set up quickly, market effectively, and provide consumers with an exceptionally memorable experience of your brand. Guerrilla Cube offers all this and more.

3 Minute Booth Setup

Guerrilla Cubes are fast to setup, easy to transport, and highly customizable for a wide variety of looks, functions, and venues. Many popup trade show booths can look flimsy and temporary, while a Guerrilla Cube is a stable, impressive looking structure. Guerrilla Cubes are ideal for large or small teams and easily managed by a single person. It’s easy to stretch your marketing dollar when you have an all-in-one trade show trailer solution like the Guerrilla Cube.

Built and designed by the display brand experts at Defined Designs.

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Supported Brands

Mobile Experiential Marketing

With fliers and commercials having less and less impact every day, marketing initiatives to ensure your industry brand remains a bench mark while fully engaging customers with a platform that strategically influences consumer behaviour with life-time memorable experiences is essential. That’s the beauty of mobile experiential marketing. By creating a space and experience for your customers, you can capture their attention in a way that traditional marketing and an old-style tradeshow booth cannot.

Memorable Brand Experience

Experiential marketing’s objective is to ensure customers carry a positive thought or feeling that in turn sparks remembrance of your brand directly relating it to your product which is a long lasting impression. You want them to post about it on multiple social media platforms. You want to give them an experience they won’t forget. With simple pop-up signs or tents, this can be difficult, as they may simply walk by without even looking. But the Guerrilla Cube catches every eye. It’s something completely different from generic tradeshow booths. It’s a complete mobile environment. Your brand encapsulated in a cube.
The Ford Team and I could not be happier with how the Ford-branded Guerrilla Cube turned out. Once again, Guerilla Cube went above and beyond in delivered an amazing trade show booth.
SENIOR PRODUCER, Live Events & Experiential Marketing, Bond Brand Loyalty

By engaging consumers within a Guerrilla Cube, you’re offering them a brand experience like no other. Whether operating a mobile store, giving out free samples, or simply dispersing information, the Guerrilla Cube is a trade show trailer that consumers won’t forget.

Make the Right Choice
Let’s put it this way. There are three tradeshow booths in a row. Two of them are tents, one
of them is a giant, stunningly branded cube. Which one would you head for?

Guerrilla Cube CT

The Original Guerrilla Cube. The ultimate experiential marketing trade show booth. Infinitely customizable to suit your brand and vision.
Easily set up by a single person in minutes, the Guerrilla Cube is an all-in-one solution for all of your trade show trailer needs.

Guerrilla Cube XL

We are proud to announce the Guerrilla Cube XL! All the features and benefits of the Original Guerrilla Cube, now twice the size.
Double the Size

Need the extra space for your trade show booth? Just inquire about the Guerrilla Cube XL today for more information.

Testimonials and Media

“The Ford Team and I could not be happier with how the Ford-branded Guerrilla Cube turned out. Once again, Guerilla Cube want above and beyond in delivered an amazing trade show booth.”
Senior Producer
Live Events & Experiential Marketing, Bond Brand Loyalty
“I just couldn’t believe how fantastic our Guerrilla Cube was. It looked amazing, it functioned so well, and really helped boost our sales over the course of the festival.”
Production Manager
Festival Village, Toronto International Film Festival

Guerrilla Cube Portfolio

For more of the Guerrilla Cube CT and Guerrilla Cube XL in action, come check out our portfolio.

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No matter if you require a trade show booth, mobile store, interactive environment, or exhibit, the Guerrilla Cube provides a cost-effective and versatile solution. So, let’s get started designing and building a custom-built Guerrilla Cube that will perfectly fit all your needs.
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