Guerrilla Cube &
Experiential Marketing

Guerrilla Cube is Mobile Experiential Marketing
We have designed a trailer specifically for the XM Marketing world that is customizable and interchangeable with a premium look and feel, while being incredibly simple to transport, setup, and manage. It’s a marketing trailer that is customizable enough to do anything our clients need.
We’ve proven our design and engineering concept with the Guerrilla Cube CT, and continue to explore new possibilities in experiential marketing through modular and mobile exhibits.

Our Company

Before designing the first Guerrilla Cube, we were in the business of designing and branding large marketing trailers for clients.
We discovered a big gap in viable tradeshow booth options within the industry. Clients were asking for more compact trailers that were lightweight and easy to use, but also offered the same functionality as larger ones. When we inquired about building these smaller marketing trailers with manufacturing companies, they turned us down flat, saying there was no demand for them. Boy, were they wrong. Our team took everything we learned about modular exhibits and trailers, threw in our own experience with marketing design and car customization, and ended up with the most versatile trade show booth on the market today: Guerrilla Cube.

In 2012, Guerrilla Cube was separated out of our design company, Defined Designs. Today, we are one of the leaders in facilitating experiential marketing for agencies and brands all over Canada. We are currently expanding both across the United States and around the world. We found that there is an incredible demand for a mobile trade show booth that offers our level of customization and experiential marketing potential. Once you see a Guerrilla Cube, you will know that it is something different from any other modular exhibit system out there.

What is
Experiential Marketing?

With most forms of advertising, you are talking AT your customers, while crossing your fingers that they listen. Yes, a really great advertising campaign might catch their ear or attention for a minute, but it still might not make that big of an impression.

With experiential marketing, you create an event that will bring the customer into your brand, giving them an experience that they will remember. If you can create an emotional connection between a potential customer and your brand, that will be reflected in their buying habits and their brand loyalty.

To run a successful experiential marketing campaign, you need to immerse your customers in your brand experience. One of the most effective ways to do this at trade shows, outdoor exhibits, or conventions is to give them a space they can enter into. That is what Guerrilla Cube offers. You bring the customers into the Cube, literally bringing them into you brand. Once there, you can offer them an experience they will remember. It could be as simple as giving away free samples, or as complicated as an interactive game based around the brand.

Whatever your method, you want people to walk away with a smile, and a memorable impression of your brand.
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If you have any questions about experiential marketing and how utilizing it can greatly enhance your advertising, please contact us.
We would love to talk to you about how the Guerrilla Cube could catapult your outdoor exhibit and trade show presence from boring and predictable to an event that attracts attention from all.